PCB Design Class


This is the main page for the evening course hosted by W0EEE teaching PCB design. Class meets every Wednesday evening at 6pm on the S&T campus, in EE104. This room COULD change, but it will always be right in that hall, and we will make it obvious.

This is a very ugly, rough website. It will be functional, but I can nearly promise that it will never be pretty. I'm just using it as a place to dump data at you. You will probably notice also that the website changes as I add more material. I know this isn't the most user-friendly approach, and I apologize. Being the first time the class is held, I'm shooting from the hip a bit.


Who's the clown up front?

Ian Ahner [W0IAN]

Senior - Electrical Engineering
VP - Missouri S&T Amateur Radio Club
Email: ian.ahner@mst.edu

  • Embedded Design
  • RF Digital Communications
  • Mesh Networking

Class Schedule

Some of these dates are flexible. We will discuss Valentine's day and the week of St. Pats. I was trying to finish the class before dead week, because everyone has other things to be doing at the end of the semeseter, but if we skip both of those days, we will end up on dead week. I would be willing to move one of those class days to another evening that works for the most people and then post the lecture videos.

Lecture Notes

Week 1 - Course Overview

Lecture 1

Week 2 - Electronics Review

Week 2 Lecture Notes
Week 2 Lecture Video

Week 3 - EDA Software

Week 3 Lecture Video

Week 4 - Schematic Capture

Week 4 Lecture Video

Week 5 - More Schematic Capture and Netlists

Week 5 Lecture Video

Week 6 - PCB Fabrication Methods

Week 6 Lecture Video